Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills National Park

Shimba Hills National Park, is about 40km from Diani Beach. It holds the distinction of being the only Game Park in Kenya where the rare Roan and Sable Antelopes can be sighted. There is also a spectacular a 120m walkway that extends into the forest enabling guests to view game at close quarters and gives bird-lovers the opportunity to sit quietly and enjoy the colorful spectacle of many forest birds.

The park is is a tropical rain forest, refreshingly cool compared to the heat and humidity of Diani Beach. In the idyll calmness of the forest, one will be able to see ehrustlephants in big numbers. The park has one of the highest population density of elephants in the world. In addition , other game like colobus monkeys, antelopes, kongoni, waterbuck, klipspringer, impala, gazelles, giraffes, buffalo and leopard are sighted in the park.

The steep elevation of Shimba Hills gives one a fantastic view of the ocean and beach from an altitude of 500m. Sheldrick falls is another fantastic park where you will be able to swim and take a shower from a waterfall with crystal clear waters deep in the park. For many, a visit to Shimba Hills is only complete when they visit the waterfall.

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Shimba Hills National Park